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Commercial Warranty - Wiston Engineered Hardwood

Commercial Warranty

Wiston Building Materials Co. Ltd. manufactures all of its flooring under the strictest of quality controls. Our milling and flooring construction is manufactured using the latest technology. This ensures precision engineering and fitting during installation.

What this warranty covers:

This warranty covers all Wiston Engineered Hardwood Flooring products purchased through an authorized Dealer in the USA or Canada.

Who this warranty covers:

This commercial warranty only covers the original buyer/installation site owner when the flooring is installed in a light commercial environment, such as business offices, clothing and/or toy stores or other non-food service stores in shopping malls.  

Pre-Installation Warranty:

It is the duty of the installer to inspect all flooring before installation. If, during inspection, the installer or buyer feels the flooring is the wrong color, improperly manufactured, has finish problems, is off-grade or is the wrong gloss level, do NOT install the flooring. You must immediately contact the retailer or distributor from which the flooring was purchased. No claim will be accepted for flooring that is visibly defective if such flooring is installed. Installed flooring is deemed to be visibly acceptable. Since wood is a product of nature, not plastic, industry standard practice allows for up to 5% of flooring shipped to have milling, handling, finish and/or grade defects. This warranty applies only to material that is in excess of 5%. Wiston Building Materials Co. will replace or refund the purchase price of material deemed to be defective in excess of this 5%.

Finish Warranty:

The pre-installation warranty above covers the replacement/refund for any flooring returned in excess of 5% of the total flooring shipped with visible defects. This includes visible finish defects, prior to installation. Wiston Building Materials Co. also warrants to the original purchaser that the finish will not blister or peel off for one year under light commercial use. See exceptions under the “Exclusions” heading. In addition, Wiston Building Materials Co. warrants to the original purchaser that our finish will not wear through for one year. If there is a problem with wear through, it must exceed 10% of the surface area for this warranty to cover. Changes in gloss level are not covered under this warranty, including shiny spots that might develop if you too aggressively rub in one spot. Because of this, any installation glue should be removed immediately and not allowed to dry. Over time it is normal for gloss levels to change and as such is not warranted against.  

Five Year Structural Warranty:

Wiston Building Materials Co. offers a five year warranty to the original purchaser that our engineered flooring products will not delaminate. Delamination is when any of the multiple layers making up the piece of flooring separates. All of our engineered flooring is manufactured to exterior/marine use standards. We are very confident in the high quality of the waterproof adhesive used to laminate all layers together. This warranty does not cover whole pieces of flooring coming off of the sub-floor, which is a problem with the installation process or glue, not our manufacturing process. Although we guarantee our product will not delaminate, if our flooring is exposed to extreme humidity (whether from a wet subfloor or flooding of your residence) or extreme dryness (less than 35% relative humidity) you will see slight shrinkage, swelling, or cupping. Wood is naturally hydroscopic (similar to a sponge) and such shrinkage, swelling, or cupping due to extreme variations in humidity is to be expected and is not warranted for. Normally, the problems will solve themselves once humidity returns to the normal range of 40% to 60% relative humidity. Check your home insurance policy for flood damage as floor replacement costs are often covered by the insurance company.  


  • Claims for flooring pieces installed even though there are visible defects. It is the installer’s responsibility not to install pieces with visible defects; please do not use them. Flooring, once installed, is deemed visibly acceptable.
  • Claims made on flooring pieces installed with excessive color/grain variation. It is the installer’s responsibility to install the flooring in a random and harmonious mix.
  • Color changes in the wood as it ages or is exposed to sunlight or differences in the color and/or grain patterns of the installed floor compared to showroom samples, as the color of the showroom samples change over time to the patina of a partially or fully aged floor.
  • Excessive swelling and/or shrinkage or other movement such as cupping or bowing in the flooring due to extreme changes in relative humidity. Relative humidity outside the recommended range of 40% – 60% will normally cause such problems. These problems will normally resolve themselves when the relative humidity returns to the recommended range.
  • Excessive swelling, cupping or other such movement due to a wet sub-floor or moisture from above such as from spills, too much wet mopping, pets, or flooding.
  • Insect infestation if it happens after the date that the flooring passes out of Wiston Building Materials Co.’s control.

Damage, excessive movement or defects caused by:

  • improper handling during shipping or storing after the date that the flooring passes out of Wiston Building Materials Co.’s control.
  • improper preparation or excessive moisture content on or in the surface on which this product is installed.
  • too much moisture from natural disasters such as flooding, broken pipes, etc. In these cases please contact your homeowner insurance company.
  • excessive wet mopping or failure to cleanup spills and standing water.
  • improper installation whereby Wiston Building Materials Co.’s installations instructions are not followed.
  • improper maintenance and failure to follow Wiston Building Materials Co.’s maintenance instructions.

Finish Damage & Wear caused by:

  • Abuse /abnormal wear including pet scratches, high heel indentations, dropping or dragging heavy objects, improper maintenance, failure to protect entry & high wear areas with mats, etc. as Wiston International Hardwood Co.’s maintenance instructions.
  • Improperly refinishing the floor. The installer or refinisher must test the finish they want to use to make sure bonding and adhesion have no problems first. Also, the installer or refinisher has the responsibility to get approval of the homeowner / site owner regarding appearance of the new finish or stain.

Additional Terms of the Warranties

  • Wiston Building Materials Co. neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or entity to assume for it any other obligation in connection with the sale of this product. This warranty is the complete and exclusive expression of our warranty and is in lieu of all other express and/or statutory warranties.
  • Any implied warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration to the duration of this express warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
  • Wiston Building Materials Co. assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages occurring from, or as a consequence of, the defective flooring, or any cost or expense that the purchaser may incur to obtain warranty service, such as postage, telephone expense, accommodations, time lost from work or inconvenience.
  • This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. The failure of either party to enforce any of the provisions of this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of such provision or of the right of any party thereafter to enforce each and every provision. The terms of this agreement may not be extended, discharged, amended or modified, in any way, except by a writing signed by an authorized representative of each party. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the law of the country of Canada.
  • This warranty is subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth herein and is the exclusive warranty as to the Wiston Building Materials Co. Products purchased and contains the exclusive remedies that will be provided for breach of any warranties whether expressed or implied.
  • This warranty specifically replaces and excludes any other warranty in relation to Wiston International Hardwood Co. including the legal warranty in jurisdiction where exclusion of such warranties may be provided for by law. Under no circumstances may the product buyer exercise any type of recourse what so ever against Wiston except for conditions specifically for in this warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply to any product or products designated as seconds, tavern grade, special or nonstandard items. Any product or products so designated are sold “as is”. In order to get performance under this warranty, the person seeking performance should first contact the dealer form whom they purchased the flooring. You may also contact Wiston Building Materials Co. directly by fax, email or telephone.

Phone | 604 273 7555
Toll Free | 1 888 966 3358
Fax | 604 278 8863
E-mail | service@witfloor.ca

Warranty Claim Procedure

If you wish to claim under warranty, first contact the authorized dealer of Wiston Building Materials Co. where the flooring was purchased. Claim form must be filled in writing and submitted to Wiston Building Materials Co. within six (6) month of appearance of defect. Wiston Building Materials Co. reserves the right to inspect the product. The original, dated purchase invoice, completed with the distributors or retailer’s stamp, will need to be submitted. No alteration, replacement or repair may be carried out before the product is inspected by Wiston Building Materials Co. or any inspector authorized by Wiston Building Materilas Co.. Any replacement will be provided only after a Wiston Building Materials representative has inspected the product and has agreed to the defective condition. Failure to comply with this stipulation will make the warranty null and void.